You Ain’t Hit That Yet?!

By Lindsey Ray

All God needed was 2 willing individuals who would obey Him fully, in the midst of a generation deeply rooted in sex and self-fulfillment, and He began to meticulously orchestrate a love story beyond my own comprehension.

I vowed to myself and to God to do this the right way this time. So did Travis.

We met at a campus bible study about two years ago. Mind you, I was not looking for a relationship. I was going through a rough patch in my previous relationship. I was a hot mess, I’ll admit. I was angry, disappointed in God, and content with where I was spiritually and physically. We remained friends for those two years, casually carrying on conversation every now and then. Little did we know, God would strategically place us back into each others lives at the perfect time. When we were BOTH ready.

God had to literally reveal who I truly was to myself, just how my previous abusive relationships made me bitter, and incapable of fully trusting a man. I allowed men to get close to my body, but never close to my heart. My logic was that if I allowed a man to infiltrate my heart, I lost power. Sex held no value in my sight, especially since it had been tainted, and taken advantage of. Sex was just another hobby, a form of recreation.

He showed me that I deserved much more than sex. He showed me that chivalry is NOT dead. A man will treat you with respect, as long as your presence commands it. If we don’t act like ladies, why do we believe that a man will treat us as one?

Here we are months later. After taking time to date exclusively, and getting to know one another spiritually and emotionally, he realized that it was time to become official, and proceed to the courting phase. (I’ll go into depth about dating and courting in another post).

It’s possible to stay pure in a relationship in college. It’s possible to gain back the innocence you once possessed. It’s possible to wait on who it is that God has for you, not molding a man into “The One”. You cannot manipulate another individual into “The One” when it’s clearly not in God’s plans. You’ll only end up disappointed.

How do I know? He did it for me.

Let us be honest with ourselves, however. Love does take WORK. Every day is not sunshine and flowers. Believe me, we work at our relationship daily. But the beauty of allowing God to write the most awesome love story outweighs the late nights, conflicts, and our differences in personalities.

Our pasts aren’t squeaky clean. However, they are truly behind us. I realized that it is impossible to move on in life, and especially in a relationship, while holding on to your ex’s memorabilia (Clothes, letters, gifts, etc). Grab some trash bags and let it all go!

He took two college students, who had been deeply hurt and bruised by the repercussions of failing relationships, and healed them in ways that seem to be unimaginable. He brought them together at a time where they were both seeking God and His plans for their lives. He loved them, and with this same love they are able to shower one another with the most sincere love. I don’t want sex from Travis. I want to love him in a way that God Himself would be proud of.

Behind this amazing man is a woman like myself, who felt as though she was undeserving of such a gift. Who settled for temporary happiness in men, who only wanted her for what she could do for them. Behind him stands a woman who has been changed. A woman who is passionate about seeing young women overcome challenges, and who is absolutely in LOVE with Jesus. That woman is me.

Inquiring minds have been dying to know…You ain’t hit that yet?! No, I haven’t yet. *Smiles*

Lindsey Ray, also known as Lindsey Alexander, is a full time college student and blogger. She was born September 21, 1991 in Inglewood, California. She now resides in Houston, Texas. She served for three years as a youth leader at her local church. She firmly believes in the proliferation of knowledge in the current and upcoming generation. She now is proudly being courted by Travis Johnson, and the two plan to tie the knot in holy matrimony in 2013. Her God-given writing capabilities are unique, and her stories are quite candid. Visit her website at

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