Seven Romantic and Recession-Proof Ideas for Couples

by Linda Dominique Grosvenor-Holland

1. Have a Carpet Picnic. Turn the television and cell phones off. Clear a section in the middle of the floor of your favorite room (preferably one with a large window). Get a blanket, your favorite foods, drinks, snacks and a digital camera. Make yourself comfortable and spend the day indoors chatting, laughing, eating and taking lots of photos. If you time it right you can even see the sun set–or rise. You’ll be surprised how much fun an indoor picnic can be. The things you bring to your picnic are only limited by your imagination.

2. Create a Sultry Bubble Bath for Two. You don’t have to own a garden-sized tub–fitting in your existing tub together is half the fun! Bring candles, bath oil and your favorite bath gel. Add some oil to the water so it soothes the skin then add your gel to create a full bubble wonderland. Light the candles and turn off the lights and watch the candles flicker together. Don’t forget to feed each other fruit dipped in cream of coconut or yogurt fruit dip. Either way it’s sure to be a bubbly experience. Don’t forget to share a towel and dry each other off when you’re done.

3. Bake Cookies as a Couple. I know you think he won’t be interested, but he doesn’t even have to be a baker. Buy an inexpensive package of slice and bake cookies and instead of slicing you can let him flour the surface, roll out the dough and use the heart-shaped cookie cutter to define them, then you can do the girlie stuff like add the red, pink and silver glitter and sugar sparkles. There’s nothing better than a couple eating warm cookies out of the oven together–not to mention they’ll taste yummier because you made them together!

4. See a Movie Matinee. Remember back to when you had one of your first dates? No doubt one of those dates was to the movies. You bought the large bucket of popcorn to share and other movie snacks. You may not even remember what movie you saw, but you enjoyed the moment. Relive those moments again at the matinee. Matinees are for serious movie lovers who want the uninterrupted pleasure of enjoying a new release without all of the heckling and popcorn throwing that goes on at late evening shows. Smuggle in some snacks, cuddle up together and for less that a regular ticket you’ll have an early afternoon treat you both can enjoy.

5. Take Turns Giving Full Body Massages. Touch creates intimacy and the desire to become more intimate. What better way to wind down your Valentine’s Day evening than with a tantalizing massage. Spread a plush towel across the bed or another comfortable spot. Use their favorite fragrance oil or baby oil, turn on the music and prove that it’s better to give than it is to receive. Start with a kiss, work your way down the scalp and neck and take your time kneading and massaging before you end with the feet. A foot massage (barring being ticklish) is the absolute best–now remember, it’s their turn and where you go from there is totally up to you.

6. Read a Book to Each Other. Whether it’s excerpts of one of the many collections of Pablo Neruda or a relationship book that you’ve both been wanting to read for a long time, there is nothing better than curling up under your favorite throw and taking turns reading excerpts to one another. My husband and I started reading to each other shortly after we got married and we both thoroughly enjoyed the “us” time. Reading to each other is a wonderful way to get your special someone to hang on to your every word.

7. Exchange Love Music CDs. Nowadays it’s relatively easy to download and save music to your computer. Whether it’s the song that you first danced to together, a song that breaks your concentration and makes you think of nothing but your honey bunny or whatever your cute name for them is, burn a collection of love songs to a CD. Put it in their car CD player and set it to play when they start the car on their way to work in the morning. Let your creative picks seranade them with your rendition of love all the way to the office. You’ll be the first call they make when they get to the office.

Linda Dominique Grosvenor-Holland is a wife, mother and the Author of The Plural Thing: Spiritually Preparing for Your Soul Mate and her second relationship book titled The Love Better Manual was released in 2013. You can follow her on Twitter, Friend her on Facebook and visit her website at


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