The Love Better Institute is a teaching ministry within the framework of Love Better Camp, Inc. The Love Better Institute is dedicated to serving the community and the world at large by providing self-esteem building seminars, conferences, e-series, teaching videos and audio lessons as well as interactive retreats for singles, couples and their families to strengthen not only the marital unit, but the individual self-worth and the family bond. The Love Better Institute empowers individuals daily by equipping them with the tools that enable them to become better communicators, choose safer relationships, revive fledgling relationships and halting self-sabotaging behavior.

The goal whether single, married, separated, widowed or divorced is for the Love Better Institute to assist individuals with understanding ways to choose and form more wholesome relationships. We also partner with people from around the globe to meet the immediate needs of single moms, unemployed families and the homeless as well as individuals. These needs mostly ensure that no one goes hungry as well as support for those in domestic violence situations who need urgent support and placement. You can make a ONE TIME DONATION or Partner with us via our Support page.