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The Grow Your Dreams Midwife!Linda Dominique Grosvenor-Holland
Linda Dominique is a midwife to entrepreneurs and has written for and been featured in over 150 publications including Modern Bride, Honey Magazine and MORE Magazine and was spotlighted on The Today Show in 2011. She is the bestselling author of the award-winning book The Plural Thing: Spiritually Preparing for Your Soul Mate (Feb, 2010) that has been called, “unadulterated spiritual relationship guidance for modern times,” and The Love Better Manual (Feb, 2013). Her expertise on dating and relationship issues have been used in articles for a variety of websites. She is a blissfully happy wife married to her soul mate Calvin who were one of 13 couples honored with an inaugural BMWK Standard Award that are presented to couples in the African-Amercian community who represent a positive example of marriage that others can aspire towards. She also enjoys writing books that help assist people with having the best relationships of their lives . |

Rachel Renee Smith Speaker, author, editor, and writing coach Rachel Renee Smith is a New York native who has resided in Central Jersey most of her life. She released her first book, a devotional entitled The Rain Won’t Hide These Tears, in May 2012. Rachel is committed to bringing spiritual and emotional healing to individuals, marriages and families through the Word of God. From this commitment, Rachel serves on the ministry team at the church where she attends and is a passionate leader and teacher on the Board of Directors of the Love Better Institute. Rachel has a son and is married to her soul-mate and partner in ministry, Jeffrey LaMont Smith, who is a youth pastor and publicist. |

Calvin HollandCalvin Holland  has always been a helper, a mentor and a counselor and in 1999 was recognized by then First Lady Hilary Clinton as Mentor of the Year for his work in the New York City Mentoring Program. He is a man who is hungry for God and through an intimate relationship with God he’s been anointed to assist people with learning to love better. Through his many trials and tribulations, the good and the bad, he’s discovered that the only way to make it through is by putting God first. He’s currently working on a book to assist men with relationships and has currently started a blog for the same purpose. |

The Encourager!Shamine Marie McDowell
Shamine is the mother of one son and an inspiration to many. She recently finished writing her first book and is beyond excited about its upcoming release this year. She is not only an author but a gifted speaker as well. Shamine embarked on her speaking circuit via Edna Mahan Correctional Facility out of Clinton, New Jersey in 2002 which included schools, churches and universities throughout the state.  She has been a Conference Speaker at Rutgers University as well as a Guest Speaker at the State House in Trenton, New Jersey. Also, Shamine has conferenced on the subjects of crime and gender, recidivism and re-entry as it relates to female ex-offenders.  These are just a few of the venues where Shamine has shared her own personal experiences of overcoming the most hardest of obstacles. Shamine loves to engage others and has the ability to grab the attention of those whom she engages through honest and transparent conversation. She loves to encourage, uplift and inspire those whom she comes in contact with. Shamine has an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts and is currently pursuing her Bachelors Degree in Social Work at Rutgers Univeversity. You can find Shamine blogging on her website at as well as sharing all things inspirational on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

The Warrior!Zari Banks M.Ed
Zari Banks, M.Ed loves to feast on the Bread of Life. She’s the founder of Z Writes Words, Supernatural You and Z Solves Problems and co-founder of Supernatural Parenting with Patti and Zari. Zari is a mom, master teacher, mentor, speaker, six-time Amazon Best-Selling author and editor or assistant publisher of more than 20 books. She possesses a testimony of resurrection power at work having lost everything–including custody of her son–after a public education layoff and has recovered all to become a voice of empowerment for women needing to overcome any circumstance, establish firm foundations on the Word and then move on to inspire others to live their dreams. Zari is a powerful prayer warrior who mentors on the supernatural power of God to many in the Body of Christ. Visit her website at

The Purpose Pusher!Nicole Michelle Pertillar, MA
Nicole Michelle Pertillar, MA, The Purpose Pusher™ is one who lovingly pushes people into position for purpose. She is a connector and able to direct clients to other people and resources they need to fulfill purpose. As trained counselor and certified life coach, she is committed to assisting people in pushing past the mess, hurt, disappointment, and disillusionment that hinders them from walking in the call and purpose God has on their lives. Her goal is to help individuals live out of their original identity and clarify the vision God has given them so they are better able to hit the mark. Her first book, Originally RED™ Be Bold. Be Brave. Be You, on the topics of identity, purpose and heart healing is now available on amazon. Nicole is passionate about the arts and creativity. She is a former guidance counselor with a heart for children. Her desire is to raise up a generation of pure creative worshipers that honor the Lord with their gifts and talents. Nicole is the creator of the Purposeful Creativity™ Workshops. You can visit her at and

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